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Amarillo - The Functional Skills Screening Inventory, popularly known as the FSSI has been released on Windows compatible format.  This behavioral checklist allows for parents and professionals to observe critical behaviors in individuals with multiple disabilities (7 years to adult years).  The strength of the FSSI is found in its repeated use over time to compare the individual to self on 343 items of basic life skills.  The Functional Skills Screening Inventory is used in transition planning from school to work for students nearing the end of their educational program.   The FSSI is available from Functional Resources in Amarillo, Texas, phone 806-353-1114 (voice and fax).  Functional Resources is a privately owned company that provides computer-based assessments, in-service training for parents, teachers, diagnosticians, and agency personnel, as well as on-site consultation regarding program planning.

Written By:                                                    Ed Hammer, Ph.D.

Owner of Functional Resources


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