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Functional Resources was formed in 1983 as a limited partnership among the authors of the FSSI.  In 1991 it was registered as a business in Amarillo, Texas and continues to provide materials, instruction, and software from the Amarillo office.  There is also an office in Austin, Texas where research and demonstration are conducted. continued...



Ed Hammer

B.A., M.S., M.Ed., LPC, LMFT, Ph.D.

Dr. Ed Hammer is a licensed mental health professional who retired in January, 2001 from the Department of Pediatrics at the Texas Tech School of Medicine in Amarillo. At the medical school, Dr. Hammer was responsible for the section on Behavioral Pediatrics - the behavioral part of a medical condition in young people. His concern is for the treatment of the total child including support for the family, coordination of community services, and public and private agencies. He provided direct services to children and adolescents and their families in the inpatient and outpatient settings. He provided individual, group, and family therapy. He used play therapy in a family format with parents assigned a structured role and participating in the play observations. Dr. Hammer is certified to provide medical feedback (neurofeedback), medical hypnotherapy, and court appointed mediation. Dr. Hammer is a certified mediator for Child Protective Services in Texas. Dr. Hammerí research strand is in assessment and development of tests and measures. He is the author or co-author of six published assessment devices (the Callier-Azusa Scale, the Functional Skills Screening Inventory, the Helen Keller Functional Profile, the Assistive Devices Analysis Matrix (A.D.A.M.), the Classroom Management system, and the Neuropsychological Monitoring Inventory). He served as Project Director for the 6-year medically fragile grants that led to the Amarillo Pediatric Protocol, an NICU intervention for neonates and a PICU intervention for patients with head injury. He also is the founder and Principal Investigator for the Pediatric Research Network (PRN). PRN was funded by the Texas Cancer Council as a statewide research consortium of pediatric oncology programs across Texas to look at the quality of life fo children and adolescents with cancer. He was funded as Principal Investigator through the Tech 2000 grant program to establish a team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD/ADD. He is the founder of the Panhandle Head Injury Association, a non-profit community-based organization that follows the patient with head injury back into home and community to support that person over the life span. Dr. Hammer worked with parents of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder to establish a community-based resource network for persons with pervasive developmental disorder, autism, Aspergerís Disorder, and Rhett Syndrome. Dr. Hammer started at the Department of Pediatrics in the fall of 1988. Before that he was a tenured Associate Professor in the School of Human Development at the University of Texas at Dallas.  He was a founding faculty member at UT/D from 1973 to 1988. From 1969 to 1980, Dr. Hammer served as Project Director for the Regional Center for Services to Persons who are Deaf-Blind and their Families at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders. In that capacity, Dr. Hammer established the first community-based programs for persons who are deaf-blind in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri and New Mexico. Since his retirement in January, 2001, Dr. Hammer has been involved in projects at the Stanford University School of Law, Texas A&M University at College Stationís Center for Distance Learning, the University of Texas at Austin with the Center for Disability Studies and the Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition through the School of Nursing, and Partnerís Resource Network, the statewide Parent Training and Information Center under I.D.E.A.  He is the head of Functional Resources, a software company located in Amarillo and Austin which develops/markets assessment software. 







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