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WinFSSI Environmental Edition

The Environmental Edition allows for a classroom, group home, biological family home or other placement to be assessed using Context Assessment. By comparing the FSSI profile of the classroom to the FSSI profile of the individual makes it possible to identify the priorities and functional skills necessary for an individual to succeed in that particular placement or environment. The same 343 items of the Individual Edition of the Functional Skills Screening Inventory are used to ask:

To what degree, how much or how often is this functional skill needed and/or taught in this setting?

The computer compares the profile of the individual to the profile of the placement or environment. This comparison may be made before placement in a classroom or other setting. The comparison may be used as a way to identify modifications or adjustments that need to be made with a student, a setting, or an interaction in order to increase chances of success for the student in this setting.  The comparison may be repeated throughout the placement to identify progress, show needs for modifications, or monitoring the setting as well as tracking the individualís progress.

The Environmental Edition of the Functional Skills Screening Inventory permits placements to be considered based upon data before the arrangement is considered.




$ 450.00 USD

         Created By


Heather Becker, Ph.D.

Sally Schur, Ph.D.

Ed Hammer, Ph.D.



Provides useful data for program planning purposes.

Facilitates the match between persons and settings, so that the requirements and assets of both will be optimized.

Encourages a positive attitude among service providers and recipients that emphasizes strengths and opportunities 

All new 32 bit GUI Interface.

Your choice of input with Spin Boxes, Dropdown Lists, Trackbar or Radio Buttons.

User changeable colors for easy reconigition with priority levels.

Printable color graphs for easy evaluation.(with color printer)

         System Requirements


Windows 95, 98, ME
*NT 4.00, 2000 Professional
XP Home & Professional

32 Meg of ram

32X or higher CD-Rom Drive

600 Meg of free disk space.

Laser or Inkjet printer

Video card with 8 meg of ram running 800X600 true color or higher.




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