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WinFSSI Employment Edition

 Enormous blocks of time are spent on assessing the individual with disabilities. During school years, comprehensive assessments take place periodically (usually every 3 years) with intermittent assessments are done annually. Beyond that, there are assessments when a person enters Vocational Rehabilitation Services, when a person applies for waiver programs, when there are questions about housing or work. The individual with disabilities is overly assessed.  What seems to be missing is that the context of the person with disabilities is rarely if ever assessed. Now the FSSI system undertakes to facilitate the context of the person along with the profile of strengths and needs of the person. This is done by first assessing the individual using the Functional Skills Screening Inventory (FSSI), Individual Edition using the Windows format.  This computer generated assessment results in lists of priorities of function skills that the person has been observed in completing, or the degree to which a person requires support and supervision to complete a specific functional skill. These 343 functional skills came from the field of disability services by asking persons who provide services what success was in their program. These lists of successes were sequenced by the authors of the FSSI and assigned to subscales. This profile has been used since 1984 with very positive response from the field in regard to establishing a baseline of behaviors, setting priorities for intervention, and monitoring the subtle changes toward progress.

Now these same 343 items can be used to assess a job, a work site, a training station, a career area, or specific abilities needed to be successful on a job. The computer compares the profile of the job or work site to the profile of the person with disabilities. This allows for modifications of the person or modification of the job before placement to assure maximum attainment of the person in that job.

By assessing the job or workstation, it is possible to decide before placement or even training exactly what priority behaviors are required to accomplish this work task. The job may be assessed repeatedly to monitor how well the job tasks are being done and to show progress the person makes on the job.




$ 450.00 USD

         Created By


Heather Becker, Ph.D.

Sally Schur, Ph.D.

Ed Hammer, Ph.D.



Provides useful data for program planning purposes.

Facilitates the match between persons and settings, so that the requirements and assets of both will be optimized.

Encourages a positive attitude among service providers and recipients that emphasizes strengths and opportunities 

All new 32 bit GUI Interface.

Your choice of input with Spin Boxes, Dropdown Lists, Trackbar or Radio Buttons.

User changeable colors for easy reconigition with priority levels.

Printable color graphs for easy evaluation.(with color printer)

  System Requirements

Windows 95, 98, ME
*NT 4.00, 2000 Professional
XP Home & Professional

32 Meg of ram

32X or higher CD-Rom Drive

600 Meg of free disk space.

Laser or Inkjet printer

Video card with 8 meg of ram running 800X600 true color or higher.







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