WinFssi 17 Point Scale



The 17 point scoring system used on the Functional Skills Screening Inventory:

(It is often helpful to have this page printed out to hand to the reporter at the start of the assessment)

0 points (0%)means that the person never, ever does this. No matter what efforts are made, the person does not participate or perform any part of this activity

.25means that there is minimal tolerance of the activity but total supervision is required and performance is done by someone else

.50means that the individual is starting to be part of the activity beyond passive tolerance

.75means that the individual is involved in the activity even though instruction and supervision are required to complete even part of this task

1.00(25%) means that the individual will comply to supervised completion of the task but does not initiate or complete any part of the task independently

1.25means that the person is doing minimal compliance of the performance of a task and may indicate through behavior (resistance or acceptance) that the person knows the task and the sequence is being done

1.50means that the person is complying to the sequence of the task but still requires instruction, supervision, and total monitoring of each step

1.75means that the person is complying with the performance of the task but still is dependent upon others to start, do, stop the task and is still a passive participant even though aware of the task

2.00 (50%) means that the person will complete the task with supervision

2.25means that the person will participate with minimal involvement that still requires supervision, instruction, and monitoring of each step

2.50means that the person requires supervision but is starting to anticipate steps in the procedure or indicates by behavior that the procedure is happening

2.75means that the person still requires supervision but is aware of the task, may even show interest in some parts of the task and participate while still needing extensive prompting and monitoring

3.00(75%) means that the person does the task inconsistently with some prompting

3.25means that the person does the task inconsistently, requires some prompting, but is also signaling that the event is happening and seems to be aware of sequences of the task or steps of the procedure

3.50means that the person still requires prompting but is beginning to initiate by signaling the event or task and showing some active involvement in the procedures

3.75means that there is inconsistent participation and some prompting may be needed at times but the individual is emerging as being able to do the task with minimal prompts

4.00 (100%) means that the individual does the task independently without prompting





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